me, Saturna Robbie

Friday, 19 September 2014

Goodbye....Hello ཕེབས་པར་དགའ་བསུ་ཞུ། ( tashi deleg)

To cut a long story short and not to bore you with the details, Lucy made it to Canada.... okay there was a bit of a problem when she snapped at the border guard who got a little too personal with her but Margaret was able to sort that out by telling the guard of Lucy's past and her fear of authority, men in general and uniforms in particular. They let her in with a warning.

Everyone came to my house. We loaded up food, meds, clothes, guide books and my Blackberry. Blue confided he was a little worried about the arduous journey but I assured him that with magic anything is possible and he shouldn't worry. Inka wore her flashing collar...we may need it to serve as a beacon and a guide to us in the snow and wind. Margaret and Tansy muffled up to their eyeballs in Inuit clothes, parkas and mukluks were anxious to get going as they were way too warm. Bond raced around biting his tail and trying to remember if he can understand Tibetan....he barely understands English...and I/Me, I was a bit apprehensive...this well may prove to be the most difficult adventure we have ever been on.

So up, up and away we go.


We tumble head over heels in deep powdery snow. There are no trees, no houses, no cars, no people. We are surrounded by huge mountain peaks so high they are lost in the clouds. 

We don't know where we are. My GPS is not working. We can see and feel we are high, high up in a snowy cold land...but which land? I say we should sit down and try to breathe normally and get our bearings and be calm. We sat in a little circle and held paws and hands and then we lay down and made snow Angels because we like Angels. We are each afraid to say that we are afraid, but we all are. As usual we found comfort and strength in our circle and we managed to  squeak out a little prayer. We know there are no accidents in the Universe, that we have been guided here and that we must have confidence in our inner guide and in each other. We took a deep breath.... that usually worked but in the thin air it made us cough!

Margaret, Inka, Tansy and Lucy had to go and do whatever girls do when they have to go. They came racing back and yelped ( well Margaret didn't yelp...she spoke) that they could see a mountain pass higher up and that it went round and around the bend. . 

Night was falling quickly and the wind was picking up. Oh help!!!

And then we pricked up our ears ....Margaret is getting good at pricking hers....In the distance we heard the sound of a prayer bell and heard low melodious chanting. We looked at each other and quickly agreed that our best bet was to try to follow the path toward the sound of human (we hoped) voices.

We tied ourselves together with Margaret's personals and then we inched slowly single file on the narrow dangerous path. Bond was in front we know what his snowshoe feet are made for!  The silvery moon lit our way and the Man-in-the-Moon smiled at us. We didn't dare look down.

This is going to be a long night.

To be continued.......