me, Saturna Robbie

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Blue's Story

I bet you have been wondering where we have been? Well, I had to go to Arizona with Bond, Mom and DOD. You see, with magic anything is possible, and I can flip in and out of our now I am ready to go back to the cold, snowy, high country and the dangerous mountain ledge where we are inching our way forward toward chanting voices.

I hate heights and to tell the truth I was afraid. This ledge is only a couple of feet wide and I didn't dare look down.  I could hear Lucy talking in Spanish, whether she was swearing or praying I couldn't tell. Bond was up front and he looked fearless padding on his snowshoe feet. Dear old Blue talked to him to keep him focused and thought it a good time to tell his story to Bond. Of course we all wanted to hear so we bunched up even closer together and Blue began:

   'This is my story young fella....I was put in a shelter in Cranbrook as a pup, a lot of people came by but no-one wanted me and every so often there was talk of the 'big sleep'....this had me worried, but at last a lovely lady named Ruth and her husband took me to what what was to be my furever home! So I spent my youth hiking in the Rocky Mountains, often in the snow. Then sadly Ruth's husband died and we moved in with her daughter in Calgary--wild weather there--in fact it may be snowing right now! Then we all moved to Vancouver, and I hated it. It rained all the time and I barked all the time, and that meant the  landlord was going to kick us all out----An appointment was made again for the 'Big Sleep'. 
I was apparently too old by this time for another furever home. My family was so sad and I was very anxious. But THEN...the RestQ people on Galiano heard of my plight and I ended up at Bonnie's OK Dog Corral for a week, where I met my now Sister, Inka. She said it was okay for me to come and live with her and Lynne, so here I am. and how I am hoping we find the place where time goes backwards, where I can show you what I was like as a young fellow. In the meantime, if I can help with trekking in the snow just let me know'

We all liked hearing Blue's story and wondered how humans could give up their fur baby's, but we didn't say anything because our Dear Margaret is not that kind of human and we didn't want to make her feel bad about the other kind. We held on even tighter to each other ...feeling those ties of friendship and family ...and crept forward inch by inch over the crunchy, slippery snow and ice.....Bond in the lead, then Blue, then Tansy, Margaret, Inka, Lucy and Me/Robbie bringing up the rear and enjoying even in our hour of peril, looking at Lucy's bum!

Margaret, Tansy, Inka and Lucy were real good sports and never once complained....and I know I promised not to mention Tansy's short legs ever again....but her poor little belly was in the snow most of the time and she was darned near frozen to death. Margaret offered to carry her but it was far too dangerous and I just couldn't allow it. Blue was stoic but I could tell he was tiring....I was feeling desperate.... we were all weak, hungry and cold.

Bond barked like mad, he often does for no reason so we didn't pay much attention ...but LOOK! LOOK GANG!
We looked into the dawn light. A Village? People? Shangri-La?
OH MY..we were still far away but we we knew we could make it...we listened to the bells and the chanting voices...WOW !!!
We picked up our feet and hurried as fast as we dared.....