me, Saturna Robbie

Tuesday, 16 September 2014


First, I made a mistake on the Yak and Yeti is Spazyakandzyeti...Tibetan pasta with meat sauce.  I think it best that we don't ask what kind of meat is in it.

 Bond was offended that I referred to his Clan as Holy Terrors and he set me straight on his heritage, so here it is:
Bond is a Tibetan Terrier and this is what I have found out about his Clan. The breed is a very old one and has an interesting past. The little dogs were originally kept as companions to the monks in isolated monasteries in the Lost Valley of Tibet. The dogs are intelligent (I am not sure about Bond) and they have big flat snowshoe feet for walking in the snowy mountains. They also have a great sense of direction and are said to bring good luck. They know of secret ways in and out of  high and dangerous mountain passes.
Tibetan Terrier

I think we need these attributes on our journey and even though Bond is a puppy he should have all of these good things in his genes! He certainly has the feet!

Tansy was also offended that I said she only needed two inch boots. So I apologize and retract my statement. I will not mention her short legs again.

Margaret informed me that her wardrobe is not made up of frilly dance-hall costumes and that she has lots of winter clothes which she will share with us if necessary.

Mom is still mulling over whether or not Bond can come with us and she says I am getting too uppity making plans without her permission.

Lucy my girlfriend from Tubac reminded me that I had promised her she could be in our Gang. I had forgotten. You know how easy it is to promise things when you are romancing a good looking gal. Anyway, here is what she sent me:  My name is,  Lucy Guadalupe Maria Elena Catalina Jolanda Marrero de Mexico I am originally from Nogales, Sonora, Mexico but I took my citizens test and I am now a citizen of the United States of America. You can call me Lucy for short. 

She speaks Spanish and it may not be the same as Tibetan but she is a sharp cookie and street-smart in every sense of the word.
I think she can join us....don't you??

I think Lynne and Blue and Inka are happy.

There! I have set the record straight.....

I need photographs of the Gang to post before we leave, we may need them for 'Missing' or 'Wanted' posters. BOL.... Just a little humour here! Send them to me