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Monday, 15 September 2014

Dried Yak and Yeti

The Gang is ready and willing to head off to find the Lost Valley, high, high up in the mountains of Tibet where Bond's Clan The Holy Terrors live and where the Rainbow Bridge begins. I mentioned in my last post that there is also a legend of eternal youth in the mountains and the clocks all work backwards until you reach the age you want to be. I am hoping it is true.

We met at my house and had a paw circle to try to figure out all the logistics of such a long, arduous and dangerous expedition. We believe in magic so getting there isn't too difficult for us, I have also mentioned a few of us are Seniors and we can't move as quickly as we used to nor can we go for very long without a rest. So we have to decide on an average day and how far we can go. The altitude may be a problem too and I haven't quite thought that through.

We also have to eat (Bond needs three squares a day)  and I have found some dried food that is very light and  just needs water added. Margaret seemed a little put off with the name,  Dried Yak and Yeti - Delicacies of the Himalayas...but it seems to me that we should eat local if we can and it is transportable and we will have lots of snow for liquid. I know it doesn't sound very good and I am not sure how a Yeti is caught and dried (or a Yak either for that matter) but the manufacturer says it will be delicious when it is re-constituted.Tansy, Blue and Inka said we should test it BEFORE we leave. Very good advice but I don't have it here, we have to pick it up when we arrive in Tibet seems there are laws against importing dried Yaks and Yetis into Canada.

I have checked out Visas and vaccinations on-line and as long as we all have up-to-date Rabies Certificates we should not have a problem.

Margaret doesn't have her own fur so she will need warm clothes and boots. She says she has quite a few outfits from when she was Lake La Barge Marge in the Yukon so she will be okay. I hope they aren't all frilly and wild colours. Tansy wants high high can boots be for a Dachshund??

I could go on for a long time but you get the drift, there is a LOT to organize and plan and we don't have much time. It is already almost the end of September...not a moment to lose.

We held paws and sang a hymn and Margaret led us in a short prayer asking for guidance, health and safety on our journey.

I haven't told Mom and DOD yet that we are going and that Bond is going with us. Inka and Blue haven't told Lynne. Hmmmmm.....
And I have to tell you that I have written this on the run and I have probably missed a whole bunch of stuff so I may have to retract and re do....just saying.