me, Saturna Robbie

Sunday, 2 October 2011

A Wedding

Our property deal went through and we now own the Island. It feels very good.

We rented a boat and the captain took us to the dock on Chip-chap-tiqulk island. We dogs jumped off the boat and raced around sniffing and barking out our findings to each other.....Hurley found the trail to the house and we walked along behind him singing 'follow the yellow brick road...follow the yellow brick road'. Red flew from bush to bush ahead of us calling out hup, two, three, four,  and telling us how far we had left to walk. Finally we got there. What a wonderful house. It has a huge great room with a big log inglenook fireplace big enough for us all to sleep in front of. Margaret wants her own bedroom and bathroom and that is just fine ....Tansy says she will sleep with Margaret....those girls just have to be together!

I was going to describe the rest of the house and the property but I just had a text message from Priscinda.....I can hardly believe it! She and Wozart are going to get married and they want to know if we will let them wed on our Island and be in the wedding party!!! I rushed off to ask the Gang if it would be okay with them and they all hollered 'YES!" Can you imagine? Our own dear Priscinda marrying......Wow! She will send more details later,  but Tansy is already planning her bridesmaid dress....something in Lavender to suit her colouring....Margaret said she will marry them as she is a Minister ......(I do hope there aren't any weird laws that would prevent a Wizard from marrying a Witch!) and the rest of us dogs are thinking how very smart we will look in our Tuxedos. I wonder what nogarD will wear????

A wedding is a wonderful  beginning for Dog's Town and I have a feeling that Priscinda and Wozart will want to make Chip-chap-tiqulk their new home. I do hope so will make it a magic place for everybody.