me, Saturna Robbie

Monday, 4 June 2012

Fosty Friday in June

So we sat on the rocks by the pond and we thought and thought....Nothing. We started to shiver and our teeth started chattering in our plan...Nothing! Just when we thought hypothermia was about to set in Margaret said ' Robbie, we have to move or we are all going to freeze to death here'. She was right of course. I gave the order to move (leaders always give the orders) and up we jumped up and started to dance around the pond...faster ...and faster...until we were a blur of Dogs, Margarets and Dragons....what fun. We yelped and snorted and sang as we raced faster and faster.......And then we stopped!

Our world had turned white while we were dancing around. The trees were laden with snow and nogarD's pond was frozen solid....what the heck was going could this be? I mean isn't it Spring...almost Summer? It was already getting dark and it was only 4.00pm...the woods were silent and the moon shone white and ghostlike through the trees.

Lacey started to howl.

Not knowing what else to do we began to trudge through the snow toward My house. nogarD said he was coming with us, he couldn't get into his house and he said he was scared....we were scared too! Everything had changed ...Dear Reader, I know this place like the back of my paw....I come here almost every day...but it was strange and eerie. 

I was lost!

Where, oh where are we Hurley's Angels????