me, Saturna Robbie

Sunday, 31 August 2014

So Long Summer

I know Summer does not end until September 21st but for me it ended this weekend. These are the signs that summer has ended on Saturna what ever the calendar says.

 Last night we went to the Sock Hop which we always go to at the end of summer but this year I had to stay in the car with Bond because Mom said he was too young to be thrown in with the Gang! You know when she got a new puppy she did not mention that I would have to puppy-sit the little pest! So I could hear the music and see everyone dancing inside....I could see my old Gang outside the hall just sniffing butt and catching up on summer gossip... but I was tied to the back seat so the little twerp could see me! I am not kidding, I was harnessed to the seat....dear Dog give me strength!

Our last lot of company left this morning and no one else is scheduled to come ... another sign that summer is over. And this afternoon I went to the Saturna Lion's Labour Day, Dog and Dog Show. Now everyone knows Me,  Saturna Robbie, and they know I am a bit of a celebrity (if I do say so myself) but this year everyone was fawning over Bond. As if that weren't bad enough Jenn offered to register Bond in the show so he could compete! There he was strutting his stuff in the puppy class with Ruff Ruff. Of course he got a could he not when Mom is a Judge and DOD is the Emcee??  If you think that was bad next thing I heard was his number being called for the Obstacle Course...yes, Obstacle Course. The little twerp can barely walk on four legs but somehow Jenn made him look like he knew what he was doing and he got another prize!  I was beside myself with embarrassment.

Anyway, I am not going to bore you with more tales of my tormented life.

Summer is over and by the time next summer happens Bond will be over a year old and a gangly teenager. We will see who thinks he is so cute then. In the meantime I will continue to behave like the mature dog that I am.