me, Saturna Robbie

Friday, 8 August 2014



Most of you know by now that I have a new brother and that his name is Bond. You also know I wasn't too keen on getting a new family member after my sweet sister Lacey died. But Mom was moaning and weeping and I thought to make her happy again we should get a puppy. I chose a brother just so it would be a very different relationship from the one Me and Lacey had ..and I chose a Tibetan Terrier because ALL Terriers are a lot alike. Of course after I chose him I found out a Tibetan Terrier is not a does that make sense to you?

So Mom went over to Vancouver by float plane on Wednesday to pick him up. His birth Mom Anne, had put him on a plane in Los Angeles and he had flown all the way to Vancouver by a crate... in Cargo!

He cleared customs without a hitch and Mom paid sales tax on him so now he is a true Canadian.

 He is feisty and cute for a guy dog...and at first when he wanted to be friends I gave him the cold shoulder...I even snarled (yes I know, not good manners) a time or two when he went too close to my treats. But today I had a change of heart, after all I am a mature dog and Bond is my brother now I laid down beside him and we had a chat. He knows it will take a while ....but he also knows that we are going to be friends.

I am happy to know however, that he is going to be neutered in a couple of months! I don't want THAT sort of relationship and he is already...well you know, trying!