me, Saturna Robbie

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Looking Back

Do you know that my real name is Royal Warrior? It is. Robbie is just a nickname that the breeder gave me. I was destined to be a show dog because of my good looks but the breeder thought my personality was just too strong and she didn't want my genes passed on to my sons and daughters. So she put an ad in the paper saying I was for sale to a good home and Mom and DOD answered the call!

I was on my best behavior when they came to check me out, although the breeder was honest about my terrier nature, but Mom just gave her the look...Puleese...this cute little guy! And they put me in the car and brought me to Saturna.

I still remember coming home for the first time. Oreo was my sister then, she was a big old Shar Pei. Well my first job was to show her who was boss, how lucky was I that she didn't chew me up and spit me out!!!

And then my adventures began. I climbed up what looked like Mount Everest not far from my house (of course I know now it was only a small mountain but I was a Pup) and after exploring for a while I knew I couldn't get back down. It took DOD and Hugh hours and hours (well maybe one or two) to find me and rescue me. Mom said she was sending me back to the Kennel!

Then there was the time I scrambled  down the bank to the ocean. It was low tide and I was able to walk out to an uninhabited desert island and be a great white explorer of uncharted territory.  Of course I was not a mature dog then and I didn't know about tides and how they came in and out. Well the tide came in and I was stranded! I sent out an SOS for Mom and she had to wade into the cold, fast running water to try to get to me. Unfortunately she slipped and I was worried she would be swept away and I hadn't had dinner yet! But she managed to get back on her feet and was able to grab me by the scruff and throw me toward shore...I think that was a reportable offense. Needless to say I have not been near the ocean since then...oh and Mom said I was going back to the kennel.

I am getting into this remembering now. Then my sister Bella came, she was a wild rescue dog and she had been around the block a few times that girl.  She loved to run and I loved to run with her. DOD put up a fence but I showed her how to tunnel and we would be free again until he blocked the escape route. One of our favourite places to visit was the Pub (although Mom had warned them not to serve us) we would hang out there and chat with the locals until someone called Mom. By this time Mom knew the kennel would not take me back so she switched to threatening to send me to the pound.

Oh and the time I chased a Raccoon up the mountain...BOL! That critter was screaming and hollering at me and making so much noise. Hugh, Barbra and DOD all raced up the steep bank to save me but I thought they we re-enforcements and I went even more ballistic. I finally gave up the fight and staggered down the bank with my face covered in blood...Mom had hysterics...but I had only bitten my tongue in the heat of battle and I was not injured. I think she laid hands on me that time...another reportable offense. And I think she actually called the pound!

I could go on and on but I will stop now as I think you can see that I have not had an easy life. And now I am getting a new puppy brother....hmmm...will I show him the Royal Warrior OR the mature Robbie?