me, Saturna Robbie

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Puppy 101

My friends on facebook already know I am getting a new brother. Now I don't like to post my true feelings on facebook but here on my own blog I want you to know it is not easy to think of a new Bro when I am still missing Lacey. I don't need to say anymore, I know you understand that doggie and human hearts can love something new and be happy...and hurt at the same time.

We have tried to find a way to get my new Bro (Bond is his name) up here to Canada so we don't have to wait so long for him but the airlines will not fly a dog from Phoenix or Tucson in the hot months. And I think this is a good thing. I wouldn't want the poor little guy to get too hot and be hurt... or worse. I offered to go and get him but Mom reminded me that I am a Dog too!  Right!

So it looks as if we will get him when we go back to Tubac which is two whole months away. In the meantime I am reading all the books I can find on dealing with a new puppy. I saw a book on the internet 'Puppies for Dummies'...NO, that doesn't sound good, I think Mom would give me 'the look'  if I gave her that.

I have never had a puppy in the house before, my three sisters were all older than me and I was in charge from the minute they set foot in the door. I gave them the drill about sharing and food hierarchy and respecting property rights ...and they got it! From what I read about puppies they are wild out-of-control things that do what they want when they want. Okay, you are probably going to say it is up to Mom to train Bond...but...look at Me and then ask yourself if she is capable of training anything? I had to train HER and DOD when I first got here.

I know what I will do!...I will ask my blog and facebook old Gang friends to help me settle the little Dude in and smarten him up. Please forward your suggestions a.s.a.p. keeping in mind the handicap I will have here with You know Who. My main area of concern is teaching him who is Boss from day one....designating food, space, toys, sleeping arrangements, critter control etc. I don't want this training to take more than a day (okay, maybe two if he is a slow learner) because even though I am patient I have my limits.

One thing I know for sure, I am not going to teach Bond to read and write!