me, Saturna Robbie

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Should We Or Shouldn't We?

So the place where my Sister Lacey came from has a girl dog that they would like us to have....should we or shouldn't we get her?

I am lonely and that is for sure.

I miss Lacey dreadfully and the walks and talks and fun we used to have. I don't like dining alone, a food bowl for one is a lonesome thing. I miss how we would run into the forest and chase critters and then sneak home hoping Mom had not noticed we were gone (she always had and she was always a bit cranky with us). I miss how we would discuss Mom and DOD when they left us alone and plot how we were going to trick them into getting us more toys and treats. I miss our playing 'remember when' and laughing over Lacey's first few weeks with us. I even miss having to gulp my treats whole so she wouldn't snatch them from under my nose!

I miss HER!

But if we get another girl she will be my new Sister but she won't be Lacey. She will look the same and she may smell the same but her heart will not be Lacey's heart and her soul will not be Lacey's soul. Will it be even more lonely to have a Sister so much like Lacey but who is not her???

This is a difficult decision for a mature dog to make. What do you think I should do?