me, Saturna Robbie

Monday, 21 July 2014

DSL (Dog as a second language)

Today I was looking at the Youtube stuff on my facebook and I saw this wonderful video about a Hero dog named Buddy in Alaska. Buddy's owner's home caught on fire and his Dad was injured trying to put it out and could not get out of the house. The Dad yelled at Buddy ' Buddy, go and get help' and Buddy raced off into the snowy night. In the meantime, the Dad had called for help and a lone police officer was trying to respond but it was a very remote area and his GPS was frozen. Then the police officer saw Buddy waiting at a crossroad and barking,  right away he knew Buddy wanted him to he did. Buddy raced along and kept looking back and barking to let the officer know that they were on the right road. Of course they got to the burning home in time and the Dad was rescued. Buddy was honoured in a ceremony and given a silver food bowl!

Great story huh....and it is true. The officer said in the video that he understood every bark that Buddy made.

Remember Lassie on T.V.?  Everybody knew what Lassie was saying. She would run up to strangers and bark a few times and the people would say, 'OMD Tommy has fallen in the old dry well and this dog wants us to follow her'!!  Okay so it was a show but I think it was based on Reality just like the shows today.

So what does this have to do with me you ask? Well my Mom doesn't understand the most basic dog commands. I have to go mad to get let out... and in... and forget about asking for treats and food...butt rubs etc. without having to almost resort to violence to get recognition.

I want Mom to take a course in learning Dog as a second language. Why is language one-sided? Us Dogs have to learn English (or whatever language their owners speak) should it not work both ways? I understand English very well and I even understand when they spell out words so I won't understand, but I can't speak it fluently.... I think it is my accent that she has a problem with. Is it just MY Mom who is a bit dim? I hate to think so, but when I see these videos where other humans understand every bark I have to wonder.

So I am looking for a course for my that specializes in older harder to teach students. Let me know if you know where I can find one.