me, Saturna Robbie

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Dear Margaret

I have many friends on facebook but my BEST friend is Dear Margaret and her faithful Dachshund Tansy.
Today is Dear Margaret's ninety-first birthday and to celebrate it I am going to tell you about our friendship.

First of all, I have never met Dear Margaret or Tansy in person They live on Galiano Island which is not far from my Island but the ferry schedule doesn't make it easy for inter-island travel and plans that we make to meet never seem to happen.

We do meet every day though on facebook. And Dear Margaret has been in all of my blog adventures. She has been an Indian Princess, a dance hall girl, yup Lake LaBarge Marge was her name... and she has been herself. She has performed marriage ceremonies for dragons, searched for lost treasure, jumped trains, rescued horses and faced bandits and witches just to name a few roles. We have crossed burning deserts, climbed mountains and even shopped at Walmart! And we have sung many hymns and held hands and paws in our paw circles when we needed guidance and strength.

Dear Margaret and I play Scrabble every day and she usually beats me...sigh.

She sets me straight when I get whiny and never lets me forget that I am supposed to behave like a gentleman dog and not a ruffian. She also sets some of my other facebook friends straight when they comment on my posts and she doesn't agree!

Happy Birthday Dear Margaret, I am so glad that facebook brought you into my life. Nose to nose and much love to you from me.