me, Saturna Robbie

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

All Aboard!

 We had a great last supper!  DOD barbecued some of his best steak and Mom let  us have ice cream for was soooo good. We had to eat quickly though as we had a lot to do before we headed off to jump the train.

Margaret read to us from the Hobo Handbook, it has lots of valuable information for riding the rails as well as getting on and off the train...which quite frankly is my biggest worry as leader. We all have to get on at the same time and Tansy and I have very short legs, Lacey is a little stocky ...and Margaret? Well, we will see.
Margaret will read a little to us each day that we are on the rails and we will do questions and answers of probable situations. As well as our Hobo book for guidance we have photos of people jumping aboard trains...we carefully studied the photos and then practiced jumping onto the sofa. Of course it is not the same as if it was moving but Mom flatly refused to push it around so we could have a moving target!

Daylight was fading fast and we only had time left for a quick paw circle. We joined paws and hands and said a prayer for guidance and safety on our journey...then a quick nose to nose with Mom and DOD and we headed out into the twilight.

We crossed the field in the back of our house and headed to the river. By this time it was very dark and all I could think about were the Coyotes and Javelinas. The idiot dog next door, Dewy is his name, started to bark hysterically, I told him where to go and where we were going in a couple of short barks. He asked if he could come with us but I had to tell him No.

We made it to the river.....Hurley heard the train coming first, he gave us the was starting to slow down...the whistles were sounding...then we saw the lights!!  Yikes! It was not going very slowly. I told the Gang to wait until I counted to three (that is the most I can count) and on the count of three that we all had to JUMP ABOARD.