me, Saturna Robbie

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Bachelor Party!

Have you heard the one about  'there was this dragon who came in and sat down at the bar'??  Well he did!!

Yes, we took nogarD out to our Pub for his bachelor party. The whole Gang came for the event. Remember Red?... he was there... and Chick Chick with his Missus... Priscinda and Wozart, Summa and Winta (they were okay together as they sort of blended into Fall weather as long as you didn't get too close to either one) The Elves came and the Wood cutter ....and ALL the fairies from the woods and of course Me, Lacey, Margaret, Tansy and Dusty and Hurley. The desert dragons and Femme were on their way to Arizona for the wedding and had to miss the fun.

 We dressed nogarD up in some of DOD's old Hawaiian shirts and shorts, a pair of sun-glasses and one of Mom's hats. We tied the old ball and chain around his know the usual bachelor party stuff!

Let me tell you Ian and Rachael (they run the Pub) were some surprised when we all trooped in.. a couple of the patrons actually got up and ran for the door. I expect they thought we were a bunch of rowdies. . Well Rachael ID'd Lacey and when she found she was underage we were asked  to go out into the kids part of the pub! How humiliating. We suggested Lacey go home but she started her usual howling and I gave in... as usual. Anyway, it was okay outside and easier on Summa and Winta and their extreme thermostats. 

We bought nogarD a bathtub of beer...BOL! What a hoot! He dove right in and started splashing and drinking.....and in no time at all he needed a refill....and another, and another!

I have to take responsibility for the state nogarD got into. I am the leader, I should have known better.  And I freely admit nogarD spraying beer all over the customers while doing a strip act and singing 'Puff the Magic Dragon's tail is not as big as MINE', and twirling said tail over top of his head and making lewd gestures not appropriate behaviour.

There were a couple of other incidents (Dusty and Hurley) but they are not worth mentioning and MY memory is a bit foggy.

We were asked to leave the Pub or Ian said he was calling the police!!

 We are now barred from the Pub.

DOD came and got us.

I will say no more about the Bachelor Party.