me, Saturna Robbie

Monday, 4 March 2013

Elementary My Dear Hurley!

I asked Billy if he would wait while we had a paw circle and he nodded in agreement. We gathered around paw to hand and hand to paw to paw. You have seen some of the comments attached to the Blog...we were not in agreement as to what we should do. And to tell the truth I was  undecided too.

It is always difficult to go back in time, we have done it before and we can't tell where we will end up OR if we can get back to where we begin. I never took the advanced time-travel course and I get confused sometimes between coming and going!

Tansy felt we may be heading into a trap....Margaret wasn't sure. Lacey said we should go home to Mom. Inka and Blue said they would go along with anything and Hurley voted for going with Billy.  Hmmmm.....Hmmmmm....sigh????

'Wait a minute' I said...'what about the note'?  'It said  'It will be in your best interest to meet me at the San Xavier Mission ruins on the night of the full moon" And it was texted to me! Billy sure as shootin would not have a Blackberry! (Sometimes I think I am a reincarnation of Sherlock Holmes)!  Or would he? Tansy said he might have a James bond type of tomahawk! Good Point! Inka thought his feathers may be transmitters! Yikes! Blue said we should approach Billy and ask him straight out...Margaret volunteered to ask him and Hurley said he would sniff out anything suspicious.

The Gang nodded enthusiastically ...we were all now back on the same track.

Okay, Back to Billy.

I wondered why Coyote howling was getting closer and closer?