me, Saturna Robbie

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Meet My Cousin

We listened to the coyote howling sounded like an un-tuneful group of cats in a fight and made it hard to concentrate on how to handle Billy..

The yipping howling got closer and louder.....we huddled together in case it was a Banshee...some horrible spirit from the same place as Billy. The moon slipped behind a cloud..all we had for light was Inka's flashing collar on Billy's head.

Finally I could stand it no longer..I changed into the fearless leader that I am...'okay Gang, prepare to attack... Snarl and bark as loud as you can'!!  Margaret raised her hand...'Shhh...just a minute..that is a coyote singing'. She was right as un-tuneful as it was The Banshee/Coyote was singing Don't Fence Me In'!

Good heavens Banshees don't sing cowboy songs! I should have known better.

The moon popped out and shone on ..........guess who? My Coyote second cousin three times removed (or is that my third cousin twice removed?) on my Mother's side (she was a free spirit that girl) Dorito Con Queso.
Every family has one...
You met him in one of our earlier adventures. He is a bit of a wily sort, a fast talker and always on the look out for food and quick money.

'Hey Amigos' he yelled at us, paw raised in a hi-five. 'You got my note'!

Dorito wrote the note !


Tansy said 'let's go home'. Lacey moved  right behind her. Inka said she thought he looked cute in a Wily sort of way. Blue said we should at least hear what he had to say', And Hurley said 'I bet he could be lot's of fun'. Margaret agreed with Hurley..'what have we got to lose?.

So we sat down. Billy joined us (Dorito wanted to know who the painted Dude was and were we in another movie)  Dorito produced a box from the Acme Legends of Treasure Corp.

Legends of Treasure
WOW! This  looks like it could be fun!