me, Saturna Robbie

Friday, 5 April 2013

Meanwhile Back on Saturna

Mom and DOD decided to leave the desert and head home to Saturna....they are at the stage where I just can't let them make the trip alone...
Our desert adventure will have to wait until I can get back to Arizona. 

So I got home to Saturna Island yesterday after a grueling  5 days in the car with Mom, DOD and Lacey. From now on I am traveling by magic it is so much faster and easier! The selection of music they have on their ipod makes my teeth clench...and they only talk of boring stuff. We get a couple of walks a day and then have to sleep in strange critters...truly a dog's life!

Anyway, I spent the day today checking out the old Hood and of course visiting old friends. I took Lacey with me even though I wanted to be is so hard to leave a sister behind when she is whining and howling.

Our first stop was of course the Salamander pond and I was happy to see it full to the top of the banks.  I called nogarD and he came splashing and snorting right out of the water to say hello! Boy was he glad to see me! 

He and I hugged....Lacey kept her distance especially after she saw him roll me in the mud at the edge of the pond a couple of times. I asked him what was new ....And guess what?  He told me he had a WIFE!  Yes! nogarD has a dragon lady in his pond home. 

Wow! I asked if we could see her ....he said she was quite shy but he would call her and see if she would meet us. 

We waited. And waited,

Finally ..................

nogarD said 'here she is...Robbie, Lacey, meet Tanith-Adalinda, my wife'. 'I call her Tatha for short and you can call her that too'.

Wow! Such a pretty Dragon lady. 

She smiled at me in a shy way but didn't come close...but when she saw Lacey she took to her right know the girl-to-girl-thing.. and came up to the very edge of the pond to whisper and chat with her.

Meanwhile, I asked nogarD what the heck had happened between when we last saw him at the La Femme/nogarD wedding fiasco and marrying Tatha? He nodded and said it was a long story and that he wanted to share it with Margaret and Tansy and good old Hurley... and new gang members, Blue and Inka.

I think dragons seem very prone to marrying!I mean none of us have got married but nogarD has been almost married and now really married in less than a year!

I got on my BlackBerry and texted the Gang ...they said they would be right over....