me, Saturna Robbie

Monday, 10 December 2012

Day Six-Ten

I don't know where the days have gone! One minute it was day five and now it is day ten! Of course that means it is closer to you-know-who delivering our presents...but still, I think time is going too quickly.

We decorated our house with candles and poinsettias. We hung a wreath on the front door and we have lights twinkling all around.  Christmas carols play non stop on our ipod and a pot of mulled kibble simmers on the stove. We watched the Rod Stewart special on TV and were all amazed at what modern surgery can do to keep people looking young! Margaret thinks he is older than she!

Our little town had Luminaria on Friday and Saturday. All the stores were lit up and every house and shop had  brown paper bags lit with candles on walls and driveways. It was so special. We went to Tubac Jack's for a bite to eat after we walked around the stores...and guess what? Santa Claus came in and bellied up to the bar!  We all sniffed at him while he downed a scotch or two and I am sorry to report that he was NOT the real thing....dogs can tell. So Me and Hurley marked his leg to let others know that he is an alien ...he must have sneaked by the canine warriors in homeland security.

We plan on having a few of the neighbour dogs in for drinks and nibbles in keeping with the season....Lucy of course, Geeda, Moriah, Katie and Midge....maybe Cooper the Golden from the house by the park (Tansy has her eye on him) he is sort of the Robert Redford of our group.

Tomorrow we are going to ring bells for the Sally Ann at Walmart in Green Valley.