me, Saturna Robbie

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Day 5....Bringing our Friends home for Christmas

Day Five of Advent. Today we waited for the Christmas spirit to overwhelm us and it didn't even drop by for a visit!
We played carols and sang but it didn't lift our spirits. I ate too many treats and got diarrhea. We all felt down and sort of sad.

The temperature was 82F...maybe that was the problem.

No...that was not the problem. What was draining our spirit was missing our dear friends!
Chick Chick

Desert Dragon Cookie

Wozart Cookie
nograD Cookie
Priscinda Cookie

 Yes, we have each other but we need our friends with us at this time of year.

So Margaret suggested we make cookies of our pals, those still with us but far away and those who wait for 
                                                                            us on the rainbow bridge!

Dusty Cookie

Oh what fun we had making cookies of Dusty, Priscinda, nogarD, the Desert Dragons, Wozart and Chick Chick. I tried to find a cookie cutter of Femme la Flamme but I could only find one on an 'adult' site and Mom would not let me go there!

We decorated the cookies with bright icing and and then we hung them on our little tree. We told stories and played 'remember when'....oh how we laughed and cried at all the much fun and adventure. 

Now our friends are with us for the season...the spirit rises.