me, Saturna Robbie

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Carol Singing ...not quite.

The day dawned sunny and crisp in Tubac....I think it froze overnight everything looked crispy in the morning sun.

We were going to go to Green Valley and ring bells for the Salvation Army but we decided instead to stay at home and go out carol singing as soon as it got dark. Lucy Maria Elena Catalina Guadelupe Yolanda Delgado de Mexico asked if she could join us....well being vulnerable to her red hair and dark eyes, I said 'yes' without really thinking it through or consulting with the rest of the gang. Not good!

Margaret said it was silly to ask a dog to join in who had never once practiced  singing with us....Lacey and Tansy said I was an idiot (or words to that effect) Hurley was happy!

Anyway, we waited until the stars came out and all the lights were turned on then we donned our warm scarves and hats and headed to the closest neighbours. Lucy was waiting on the corner looking very fetching in her winter coat and hat.

Our closest neighbours are Fred and Ethel, a nice quiet older couple ...we imagined how they would enjoy being serenaded by a melodious choir such as ours. Margaret had chosen O Come All Ye Faithful as our first carol and she told us to 'take it away on the count of three'!

Our timing was perfect! We sang out the the first two know the joyful and triumphant part when Lucy announced she had had enough of that boring old carol and  launched into a heartfelt rendition of Felice Navidad at the top of her voice!!!!!  OMG!

We lost our timing and forgot the words.....Hurley started to sing with Lucy...Margaret yelled at us to get back on track...Tansy snarled at Lucy...Lacey turned and ran for home! Then we heard Ethel say 'Them durned coyotes are at it again Fred, git your gun'! We stopped in mid-note and then....WE RAN FOR HOME AFTER LACEY!!

Okay, Okay,  I admit it was my fault ...but it was sort of fun, wasn't it??