me, Saturna Robbie

Friday, 28 September 2012

Travel Advisory!

So, there we were at the bus depot with the Gang all packed and ready to go. Margaret went to buy tickets for the trip to Arizona and it turned into a real gong show.

 Margaret is a senior of course and that was not a problem....ticket issued. Then she tried to buy another senior ticket for Dusty. When the ticket person asked his age, Margaret replied quite honestly that he was seventeen....just turned.  The ticket person told her in a sneering tone that was a student category not senior.  The ticket person was very rude! They had words. Dusty in his quiet way let the clerk know that it was a long time since he had been a student...he was now a teacher and he would like to teach the rude person a thing or two!  No ticket  issued!  Then, Margaret, trying to keep cool, requested a couple of 'adult' tickets for Tansy and don't want to know how that went....bottom tickets issued.

Things got very heated when the ticket person leaned over and looked at the Gang and said' if you are trying to get those mutts on board they will have to be muzzled for the whole trip'! And get one for yourself wile you are at it, Lady!!


All hell broke loose at that last slur and try as I would I could not get things under control. Everyone, dog and human alike was yelling, barking and snarling...Lacey even joined in, I don't know why as she was not going on the bus! The other people in the line-up got into the action...some pro..some con. A few punches were thrown.... and I won't say who did it ...but some dog stole up behind the ticket clerk and had a satisfying nip or two!

The police were called.  And they called Mom and DOD to come and get us....again!

I know this is the second time the police have been called in the last couple of weeks...but I/Me/Robbie am not to blame for this one. I am in deep doo doo. They are talking about putting me in a reform school for wayward dogs!

I don't know how we are going to get to Arizona now, the Gang are banned from the bus line! Dos this mean the Gang will not be at nogarD's wedding??? Hooowwwwl.