me, Saturna Robbie

Wednesday, 19 September 2012


Margaret and Tansy have gone home to Galiano Island to pack and get ready for Arizona. Dusty and Hurley

Margaret is looking up appropriate vows for Arizona Dragon weddings. She told me she is a little worried as she  has never officiated at a dragon wedding before ...she mentioned a couple of unions where the bride resembled a dragon-lady ...but said she has never actually officiated at a service for the real thing. And this union is further complicated by the fact it is a mixed marriage...a water dragon and a desert dragon. Still we are confident that some obscure Arizona law must allow for such things.

Tansy and Lacey have decided on Pink Taffeta for bridesmaid dresses....something like two-twos they said. I told Lacey she needed a three-three and she growled and bit me! They are going to wear those new fascinators on their heads like the ladies wore at the Royal wedding. Very chic.

Dusty, Hurley and Me are going to wear tux's in a deep purple shade with pink shirts and ties.

I have no idea what Femme will choose for a wedding dress. I keep trying to guess but my mind goes blank.

I hope nogarD has remembered to take his clothes or .....or I guess he will just have to get married in his birthday suit...and that is sort of aqua blue ....BOL!

The days are going by quickly now. We are going to meet up again and have a paw circle before we leave.