me, Saturna Robbie

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Hey, Hey The Gangs All Here

I won't go into details as to how the Gang got here....If you see from my diary that it is over a month since I posted you will get an idea that it was not an easy task to get them to Arizona. Still I am not complaining even though I ended up with a criminal record, a couple of bites and forcible confinement in a border facility!

Now onto the wedding.

We met a high noon in the Sonoran desert last Saturday.  The weather was scorching hot and just can't imagine. The desert dragons had decorated all the surrounding Cacti with streamers and balloons and put up a couple of canopies for us West/East Coasters who don't deal well with heat.

We males looked macho in white Tux's....the girls wore pink frothy things. Margaret was regal in a silk lilac suit.  and nogarD wore a powder blue outfit that was already too small for him.....he had grown on the trip down! Wozart and Priscinda shone and dazzled in silver jump suits with matching wizard/witch hats.

We lined up and waited for the Bride.

We started to sweat and our tongues all hung out and dripped water ...not Margaret's but she was sweating like the rest of us.

Then we heard the roar of  motor bikes....The dragons were bringing the bride in a motorbike cavalcade.!The roar got louder and louder ...... the bikes skidded to a halt....the dust swirled all around..and THERE SHE WAS!  Femme la Flamme in red sequins from head to toe!!  WOW! HOLY MOLY.....She slid down off Wrexel's bike and sashayed toward nogarD. I am not sure sashayed is the right word .... her body and tail went several different ways at the same time and I couldn't find a word that described such movement in my thesaurus. 

Femme took nogarD's arm.

Margaret stepped forward.

We dogs stopped panting and held our breaths.

Time stood still.

To be continued.....