me, Saturna Robbie

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Chick Chick (CC)

Dear Readers, one of our gang is no longer with us. Have I ever mentioned the wild turkeys that we have on Saturna? Well we do have a large community of them, mostly out at East Point. One of the turkey hens was widowed recently due to a speeding driver, she was left with 6 eggs to hatch and no one to support her. Our big hearted CC met her along the road ....she told him her sad tale... and CC fell for her hook line and sinker! He is going to leave our Gang and take up being a husband to Thomasina and Father to her brood.

Thomasina - CC's Lady

We are going to miss him and that is for sure. Of course we will visit him and he will visit us, but his wings have been clipped, his batchelor adventuring days are over. He has promised to send photos of his little ones as soon as they are hatched.

We will regroup and decide who is going to catch bugs and translate for us as well as be a look-out and wise-cracker and singer of songs.

Right now we are off to find Priscinda....more later today.