me, Saturna Robbie

Thursday, 6 September 2012


So here it is almost Fall and we are getting ready to go to Arizona for the wedding! I am going to stand up as Best Man/Dog for Nogard...Dusty and Hurley will be Groomsmen/dogs and show guests to their places. Lacey and Tansy will be Bridesmaids/dogs....Margaret is going to perform the ceremony.

We have to decide if we want to go with the Desert Dragons on the back of their bikes or if we want to wait for Mom and DOD and all pile in our car?  I think we should go in the car...we have learned how difficult border crossings can be....but...I am a democratic leader and I will leave it up to the Gang to make the decision.

Uh oh....I just had a text from nogarD ...he wants to come with us!  I am not sure how Mom will feel about having a wet, steam breathing dragon in the back seat, besides which we have to keep him watered down as we head into the warm country.  Still he is our friend after all and we should be all together as the Groom's party!

I am looking up on Trip Advisor for motels that take pets and dragons but I have a feeling there will not be too many...I bet even Norman Bates would not let us into His place!

Oh...and nogarD wants a Bachelor party before the know the kind where we dress him up and take him into Bars for a drink or two!

What do you think Gang....????