me, Saturna Robbie

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Steamy Romance!

We rushed into my house for dinner:  Grilled steak and a side of kibble for us dogs...Steak and Salad for Dear Margaret, a mess of pond greens with Hollandaise sauce for nogarD and all the fresh shoots from the newly growing garden for the Dragons with a side of yam fries and Teazle . We finished off our dinner with vanilla ice cream ...mmmmm....mmmm...good.

After dinner when everyone felt mellow we sat around on the deck and told Mom and DOD of our adventure. We told them of Summascinda  and Wintascinda, freeing Summascinda and sending Winta to the north pole for a few months. They were so happy we had sorted it all out as they though Summa had been lost for the year...and the tomatoes were finally starting to bloom on the deck!

Then Femme La Flamme said she had an announcement to make.

We all looked at her with baited breath (which is not pleasant breath...sort of a cross between morning breath and bad breath) ...she stood up and asked nogarD to join her... and then she said  in her normal voice that she and nogarD were to be married!!  nogarD grinned at us from ear to ear.

OMG! a desert dragon and a water dragon!!  what sort of union will this be?? Steamy, yes...but can it last!

Hurley moaned softly and bared his teeth at nogarD...Margaret told him he had to be strong and accept the inevitable.Dusty nodded and put his paws around Hurley's shoulders....Lacey stroked Hurley's head.

Femme invited us all to the wedding in Arizona in the Fall. She asked Me to be Best Dog and Tansy to be Maid of Honour,. nogarD asked Margaret to officiate and to sing All creatures Of Our God and King. That sent Lacey into a snit...She wanted to be part of the occasion and wear something fancy like a Tutu or a Three/Three did the rest of the dragons and Dusty and Hurley (well not a dress ...but you know what I mean, they wanted to be part of the ceremony).

I don't know what to think. I am sure Margaret and Tansy will have much to say about this turn of events......