me, Saturna Robbie

Monday, 25 June 2012


I remembered on the way to my house that we had not said goodbye to Summascinda....all that romance drama had put it right out of my I suggested we back-track to the pond. I thought Tansy was going to chew my leg off, but I convinced her it would only be good manners, and Tansy is after all, a well-mannered dog. So we trudged back to the pond.

Summascinda was happy to see us and greeted us with all of her warmth. She asked if we had a few minutes to listen to her story without daring to look at Tansy and Margaret I said 'of course'.  I heard a deep growl to my right but it may have been a tummy!

Summascinda told us that she and Wintascinda are sisters and they have had this rivalry going since they were born. Summa said it all started because their Mother loved her best and poor Winta felt unloved and left out; it made her a bit cold and nasty. We nodded in empathy and agreement ...I mean, don't WE all love Summa best? 

Still, I know I felt a bit guilty and so did the rest of us!  We thought of all the things we like about Winta....the lovely snow and frost on the pond for skating and icicles dipped in sugar....even the wind and rain sometimes.  We just get annoyed when she takes over Summa's time with us ...which I might add is all too short.

But, we asked,  isn't Wintascinda dead now...we saw her melt into a heap. Does this mean endless summer?  Summa smiled and told us the Winta's spirit had just gone to the North Pole for a while so she could re-group. Summa said the reason she and her sister are having problems the last few years is because of  the constant news about Global Warming.  If the whole world is going to be warm what will happen to poor Winta? No wonder she feels threatened and more unloved than ever? She is already banished from the tropics and Hawaii and all the places close to the equator and the deserts ...and now, she thinks she will no longer be allowed into Canada and the Northern United States. WOW! We had no idea!

We got the message..from now on we will embrace Winta...we will let her know that Canada will always want matter what! In the meantime I felt teeth on my ankle so I called the Gang to order, we hugged Summa and said we we see her everywhere....and then we all ran down the road to MY house where dinner had better be ready and waiting! I am not kidding this time!