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Saturday, 23 June 2012

Two Part Harmony.

WAIT! Femme yelled at us ' we are not going anywhere until I get this mess with Hurley straightened out'!!

 'Hurley' we have to have a little chat'.

Hurley's ears and tail sunk down.....Femme stroked his head and said ' Hurley I love you like a are a great friend and the nicest dog' ....but....'dogs and dragons cannot ever be boyfriend and girlfriend'...'okay', 'got it'?

Poor Hurley! .......

Femme turned and walked away...

Hurley stood up on his hind legs threw his head back and started singing/howling the theme from High Noon....'Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling'. Lacey sighed 'Ooohhh he is soooo romantic', then she walked over to where he was standing...a lonely broken-hearted figure ....and stood up on her back legs beside him...she joined him singing/howling in  harmony. It was like Dog and the DooDoo-wops....Cool.  I had no idea they were so talented...(Note to self  look into possibilities of forming a band).

Hurley had just got to the part ' I do not know what fate awaits me, I only know I must be brave' when Tansy snarled and told him he would meet his fate within the next couple of minutes if he didn't shut up and let us get moving for dinner!  Margaret echoed Tansy's sentiments...and said after all, it WAS days since they had had any food....

Hurley and Lacey wrapped it up warbling, 'Wait along, wait along, wait along. Tansy bared her teeth. We headed off toward my house.

Me and Dusty chatted on the way to my house....we agreed we were glad to be mature dogs and not have all the broken-heart romance stuff to deal with.

What will happen with Femme and nogarD? Will Hurley and Lacey become a twosome?
Stay tuned.

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