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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Warming Up.

My head kept turning from Wintascinda to Margaret and Tansy to Hurley and nogarD to the was turning so fast I was worried it might get un-screwed! Right then and there I made an executive decision to focus on Wintascinda because she could freeze the rest of us into  Popsicles with the twitch of a finger.

I called to the Dragons..'watch out to your left...she is coming'! They turned their heads all at the same time and sent a co-ordinated stream of hot blue flame at Wintascinda. You won't believe what happened next...really you won't. I can't describe the horrible noise she made ..sort of like french fries being cooked in hot oil.. but she melted straight away into a puddle of ice and ... out from the puddle stepped Summascinda!!  I'm not kidding! There she was, our summer all young and warm and green...and so very lovely.

Everything started to melt around us...the trees applauded and burst into bloom. The birds started to sing their own version of the Hallelujah chorus....Hurley and nogarD shook was so wonderful. June was just bustin' out all over. Then we remembered Margaret and Tansy!

The ice and snow around them was melting very quickly and we all agreed they would be better off without being barbecued. So we sat down and watched and waited. Summascinda came and sat beside them and put her graceful arms around each frozen lump. The ice started to crack and melt just a little and then we heard Margaret say from deep inside....'get me out of here...NOW'! 

We all rushed forward and scraped and dug at the ice around both Margaret and Tansy....slowly, bit by bit it melted and we scratched and bit it off the two of them. Dusty thought we should have a rest...the Dragons thought we should fry them...Lacey thought it was time to go home to Mom...Hurley was still love-struck....but I decided to keep we should keep on digging away (I know the measure of Tansy's wrath if she gets cranky from waiting). Our paws and jaws hurt but we kept on...Summascinda held them ever closer in her warm arms.

At last the ice cracked and like birds escaping their eggs THERE THEY WERE! peeking from their ice prisons....They looked as good as new..... as a matter of fact, I think Margaret looked years younger from being iced (note to self...explore icing as a cosmetic marketing strategy)  Oh how happy we were to see our Dear friends very happy.

We have so much to tell them and we still have an adventure to finish when Margaret and Tansy warm up.....but first some dinner. We will all go to MY house.....I hope Mom has something we can barbecue...she is going to be SO impressed with the Dragons.

I will write more tomorrow.....but for now, can you feel how it is warming up???

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