me, Saturna Robbie

Thursday, 7 June 2012


While I was texting  Priscinda on my BlackBerry, and asking her how she was enjoying her vacation,  I Googled Winter legends .... I couldn't find one that I liked I  made this one up because I think it could be true.

White Winterscinda is the sister of Green Summerscinda.. She is as white as snow and wrapped in furs, she is old and hard as ice and everyone is afraid of her.. When she is angry she brings the North wind and makes the sea boil and the trees hang their heads. . Each winter she reigns as Queen of the North and no-one argues with her. . But when spring season comes calling, those who follow Wintersscinda  rebel against her and long for the coming of  Summerscinda because Summerscinda brings warmth and gentle rain, she is beautiful and young, she brings light and food for everyone. But Winterscinda hates to see her winter power passing away, and she does everything in her power to prolong the winter season by bringing spring storms and sending frost to kill flowers and bees and keep the grass from growing.

Winterscinda and Summerscinda are counsins of Witchitakasumma but they are much more powerful.Witchitakasumma can only take away a part of summer Winterscinda can destroy the whole year!!!

This year it seems as though Winterscinda is winning. She is still here in my area ...she  has not gone home to the North Pole. Summerscinda is losing the battle and she needs our help.

I asked the Gang what they thought of my legend?  Tansy said 'nice try Robbie, but  we are still cold and something'. Even Dusty and Hurley said while it was a good story it didn't really help us much. Margaret didn't even comment..... and Lacey sobbed and sniffled even louder. Sigh.

And then..... the wind started to howl and the snow started swirling all around ....we saw a white old woman wrapped in furs coming toward us.........