me, Saturna Robbie

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Wish You Were Here!

Margaret snapped me back to reality by telling me to 'get myself'! I checked my Blackberry GPS it was whizzing around out of control. To tell the truth I felt out of control as well...but it is one of the first rules in the Leader Training Handbook...always look like you know what you are doing... even when you don't have a clue. I called the Gang to order.

Have you ever seen Mutiny On The Bounty? Well this was mutiny on Old Point Farm!  The Gang were all cold and hungry...(nogarD was even getting a sheet of ice on his scaly wet skin)!  and they let me know it....yelling and snarling and demanding I DO something!!  I stared them down and demanded order....I played the theme from High Noon on my Blackberry( I have seen enough Gary Cooper movies to know what to do) and told them to calm down.

Okay! We must do what we have always done....have a paw circle.

We sat on the frozen ground in the dark and held hands and paws...As usual, we were given guidance and assistance ...this time in the form of the Elves...they came running to see what all the commotion was about. We were so happy to see their friendly, whiskery faces. They were just as confused as we were about the weather ...said they had never, ever seen it like this before. But they told us it was not Priscinda who had caused it ...she had not been around for a long time. They asked us all back to their home for cookies and hot chocolate....phew! Thank goodness for Elves, I thought I was a goner there for a minute. nogarD had never had cookies and hot chocolate before...he slurped and snorted and kept asking for more. There is a limit to even Elf hospitality so all too soon we had to say goodbye, leave their cosy, warm home and head back out into the cold and wind.

Tansy said ' now what'?  I tried to look intelligent...not easy under the circumstances. Lacey started crying for Mom and said she was going to find her way home no matter what .

And then, my Blackberry beeped.

My heart raced as I read  the text message from Priscinda saying 'Hello'...and wishing we could join her in Barbados where she was hanging out with Wozart and  having a great time at an all-inclusive (spells, faeries and magic ) and enjoying warm sunshine!!!!!!