me, Saturna Robbie

Sunday, 10 June 2012


WOW! Who says legends aren't real??

Margaret said 'let me handle this Robbie, I know how to deal with white-haired old women'. I was only too glad to step aside and hand the leadership reins to Margaret ( a good leader always knows when it is best to promote one of his group to a management status) and let her have a go.

Margaret trudged straight toward Wintascinda but before she could even get a word out Tansy rushed ahead of her and bit Wintascinda right in the ankle! EEK! You could tell Wintascinda didn't like it one bit because she raised her arm and pointed her bony index finger first at Tansy and then at Margaret and before we could shout STOP she turned them both into frozen lumps of ice!

Oh Good Heavens....Oh Good Heavens....this situation isn't in the Leader's Handbook.

Wintascinda glared at the rest of us with her sparking eyes and I knew we were all going to get the same treatment as Margaret and Tansy. I yelled 'RUN'  ...and we turned and ran away from the witch as fast as we could slipping and sliding through the snow and ice. We ran until our legs would go no further .. I still didn't know where we were ...and I surely didn't have time to check my Blackberry! Dusty yelled at me through  the wind  'Robbie, I think we are running in circles...look here are our paw prints in the snow'. Hurley yelled  'he is right, Robbie'. Lacey started to howl.

And then Hurley yelled again....' I see a little house Robbie, to the left.'  He was right ...YES, there was a little house in a clearing in the woods with smoke coming out of the chimney.  We stumbled toward it and banged on the door. The door creaked open............................................

What about Margaret and Tansy...will they survive as popsicles?  How can we find Summascinda and get her back to the Island in time to save our Dearest friends......Oh Good Heavens?

To be continued....