me, Saturna Robbie

Monday, 11 June 2012

Do Not Re-Freeze!

We pushed our way into the little room....(not easy with nogarD, he filled almost the entire space) a log fire was burning in the grate and the place was warm and cosy. An old man sat at a wooden table..'come in' he said..and then ....' I see you already have'.

'Oh please sir', I asked in a trembling yelp...'we need help, and we need it now'. We all joined in the story and told him about Margaret and Tansy and Wintascinda and Summascinda and ice and snow and being lost and how we needed to get summer back and rescue our Dear friends and on and on.

The woodcutter  smoked his pipe and didn't say a word...we waited....and waited  Finally, he put his pipe down and said ' my name is Forest Frederikus but you can call me Fred'....'I am a wood cutter...all Faerie stories feature a poor woodcutter to help heroes and heroines in times of distress...Red Riding Hood, Hansel and Gretel etc. ... I am He, of the stories'. I give the trees haircuts to keep them well groomed and keep the forest floor tidy of debris. I kill evil spirits and speak all animal dialects as well as all the faerie languages, I rescue damsels in distress and I have met both Wintascinda and Summascinda many times.... they do nothing but fight with each other.'  'Now,  what do you want me to do for you?'

Dusty and Hurley and Lacey all started to bark at once about rescuing Margaret and Tansy..nogarD snorted water and shook himself all over the floor in support.  ' Just Hold On', Fred yelled over the noise 'do you think I can rescue them with an axe'?  He was right of course it would take way more than that to thaw out our friends. And even if we could find a way to
un-thaw them Wintascinda was waiting outside and she would just refreeze them...and Mom always told me re-freezing is not good for any sort of meat...I think she meant even human!

We need big magic for this one!

Dusty looked at me in his quiet way ..'you know what,  Robbie' he said..' Wintascinda will not be able to tolerate heat...that is what drives winter away...right'? I nod in agreement . 'But where do we get the heat when we can't find Summascinda, I asked '?  Dusty looked triumphant...'from the Desert Dragons of course!!!.


Hold on Dear Friends we have a plan!