me, Saturna Robbie

Thursday, 31 May 2012


I decided to call the Gang together today. This cold and rainy weather has gone on too long....the bees are growing little fur coats and the flowers are shaking and shivering in the gardens. I actually saw two fur butterflies this afternoon!!  See, I am not kidding.

The same thing happened last year and it was our  favourite witch ...Witchitakasumma aka Priscinda who was so angry and sad  that she stole our summer. Something must have happened to her this year and we have to find out what it is and where she has disappeared to....maybe she has been kidnapped, or is that witch-napped?

I phoned the Gang from my Blackberry and faster than a speeding bullet they were all at my house. Dusty and Hurley had to go through the trunks in their attic to find jackets and hats warm enough for the trek. Pop and Scribe donated a couple of warm scarves and a flask of alcohol (to be opened only in case of burial under avalanches).... Margaret and Tansy looked very stylish in mukluks and parkas....Lacey donned one of Mom's fur hats from Mongolia boots ....and I had on an authentic Canadian-Hey Toque decorated with badges of all the provinces. I am afraid the temperature will keep dropping until we find Priscinda ...we must hurry the whole season depends on us.

Mom fed us a decent dinner while DOD gave us his usual fatherly advice. After dinner we joined paws and hands for our paw circle.....we asked for guidance and sang one of our favourite Christmas Carols...'In the Bleak Mid-Winter' to get us in the mood.

This may be our toughest adventure yet!