me, Saturna Robbie

Sunday, 3 June 2012


The day dawned bright and early but it was COLD. This was getting scary, it felt more like winter every day and it was supposed to be Spring. I noticed that the flowers in our garden had their heads hanging down and the leaves so newly opened on the trees were already turning colour! I asked the Gang what they could make of it ...they all shook their heads answers.

We trudged off down the road and decided to drop in on nogarD...he often has a good idea of what is happening from his home in the Salamander pond. He was so happy to see us all again. He leaped out of the pond and kissed Tansy and Margaret right on the lips (cool and wet they said with a little taste of Salamander) hugged Dusty and Hurley and Me. Lacey wouldn't go near him. He has grown again that boy and we really MUST do something about finding him a new home when we have sorted out this weather problem.

nogarD told us he had not seen Priscinda for a long time....and he also pointed out that Priscinda might get cranky ...and be Witchitakasumma... but she never actually brought on winter!  WOW! We all agreed that what he said was true and wondered why we had not thought of  it ourselves. what?

We sat down by the Salamander pond and pondered our next move (ponds are so good for pondering) ...should we find Priscinda? Is she the problem? Even if she isn't the problem should we try to find her? What is the problem with the weather? How do we solve it? Dusty and Hurley said we should go back to My house and have more to eat. Lacey agreed with them. Margaret and Tansy thought we should stay where we were and come up with a plan. I agreed with Margaret and Tansy...the cool air would make our minds sharper ...and boy was it getting cooler fast!

to be continued......