me, Saturna Robbie

Monday, 23 April 2012

Dig This!

The Gang arrived this morning and after a quick bite (food, not each other) we headed down to the Salamander pond to chat with nogarD and come up with a plan for summer water levels.

We agreed we should hold a paw circle, as we always do before a big decision, and as Margaret suggested, include nogarD in the circle because it is his life we are making decisions about!  Well, have you ever held hands/paws with a Dragon? Let me tell you it is not easy! That boy has HUGE webbed claws that are almost as big as ME! Margaret took one paw/claw/flipper? and Dusty took the other.....we bowed our heads.

What came to mind as we asked for guidance on nogarD's problem was the great idea to build a tunnel from the pond to the ocean (which is not far away)....Actually, it was nogarD's idea.. but we all agreed it was great!

First he is going to move from the Salamander pond to the Daffodil Meadow pond. The Daffodil pond is smaller but much closer to the ocean so we will move him to the pond in the middle of the night when no-one will see him.....then nogarD will start tunneling from his side under the pond out to the ocean and we will start tunneling from the ocean-side toward him. We can only work at low tide so even though we are very good diggers and there are five of us..I think it will take us longer than nogarD with his giant hands.

 I downloaded a map of my property.... I have marked his little round pond and how far we have to tunnel.

A tunnel connection to and from Daffodil pond will let nogarD come and go as he pleases. He will be able to spend some time in salt water and some in fresh which he prefers...and anytime he wants to go home he has just a short distance to travel to the Salamander pond which he can navigate during the night. We will  not have to worry about low water levels.....Such a good idea Gang!

We are going back to my house for a shovel for Margaret....the rest of us will use our paws. I will be in digging heaven...Tansy, Dusty and Hurley too. Lacey isn't sure as she has never dug in dirt but Tansy said (with a big grin) not to worry she will train her!!

We will move nogarD tonight and start digging tomorrow.