me, Saturna Robbie

Saturday, 14 April 2012


It is sooooo long since I posted in my Diary. I am back on Saturna in my own house with Mom and DOD and Lacey. I am happy to be here in this green, mossy, leafy, water-filled world after my adventures in the desert.

The first thing I did was check on my dear friend, has that boy grown! He hardly fits in his pond house. He is already worried about summer and falling water am I worried for him. Plus, he is looking for a girl friend Dragon! I think Dragons mature faster than humans and dogs...his voice is changing and he is sprouting whiskers....he has Dragon acne (not pretty).....I told him the Gang would do what they could to find a friend for him! This will not be easy!

Me and Lacey dropped into see Priscinda. She looks great but she told me that her marriage to Wozart just didn`t work out....she said he was forever showing off and singing her hair and stuff and setting fire to the furniture. But she said they are still good friends and he will always be there to help out. I met Priscinda`s sister ...WitchitakaSpring...I am hoping she doesn`t stick around long it is already far too cold for April. I must remember to ask if they have a sister ...WitchitakaWinter...I would love to meet her and ask her to live on the Farm from October until March!

I went to the Elves house....they were so happy so see me. They said it had been a tough windy winter ...the roof of their house had blown off twice. They were busy adding new moss to the roof and caulking windows with special ferns. They are such jolly fellows with their green jackets, red caps and white owls feathers.

The Faerie Queen was too busy to see me..I think I committed a Faerie sin in that I didn`t go to see her first. I hope she forgives me she can be awfully vindictive. And she didn`t take a liking to Lacey....Lacey growled at her. Eek. I have to have a chat with that dog when we get home.

Anyway, it is so good to be home and to be back with YOU. I am pondering what sort of adventure to have next, but I think it will be close to home and here on my island. I will Text Margaret and Tansy and Dusty and Hurley and see if they are available.

Bye for now