me, Saturna Robbie

Wednesday, 28 March 2012


When I am not the leader of Hurley's Angels I am a regular every- day dog with the real job of keeping our property free of marauding gangs of Otters and Deer. It is a hard job as I must be on guard 24/7 ...and I do it alone. My sister Lacey is no help at all....she is in a state of arrested adolescence due to the fact that she was a kennel dog until she came to live with us....most of the time she is afraid of her own shadow! I try to train her but sometimes I fear she is beyond my capabilities and in need of professional help.

Anyway, I do the best I can for little compensation other than some food, the odd treat and a warm house to live in. In my spare time (which is not very much) I am trying to organise a Union for over-worked dogs..... Professional Order of Over-worked Pooches. (POOP)

I am working on my next adventure.......