me, Saturna Robbie

Friday, 20 April 2012


So, I went to the Salamander Pond today and had a little chat with nogarD. He agreed with me that we have to do something to help him before summer comes as he is getting far too big for his pond, especially when the water levels fall in the dry (I hope, dry) weather.

I called Dusty and Hurley and Margaret and Tansy and they are heading for Saturna Island to assess the situation and help me come up with a plan. They should be here early tomorrow.

I love nogarD, he is a most interesting fellow....he knows a lot about almost everything including world affairs and faeries, poetry, people, animals, birds and plants. What we tried to find the answer to dragons exist if you don't believe in them??  This is really important for our plan to help nogarD.... please let me know what you think. You see, if he doesn't exist for most people, then we can have a very different plan for his summer habitat.

I believe,  and I know that the Gang thinks this way too....that dragons live forever as long as you believe in them, as do our Faeries and Elves and Witches. I really do believe...I am so happy to live in my magical world and I think YOU believe too or you would not be here with me!

So tell me what you think.

Gang I am so looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!!!