me, Saturna Robbie

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Woe is Me.

The warm wind felt so good ruffling up our hair and turning our ears inside out (not Margaret's) we turned this way and that to create different looks....I liked Tansy's ears straight back...very becoming. I do hope Margaret has a comb for to deal with her mop! 

People looked at us as they drove by. We waved at them and then we sang songs and barked at the top of our voices and the wind just carried away the was fun.

We had just started to make plans for what we were going to do after we crossed the border when the truck suddenly veered off on a dirt road! Uh Oh....this was not in the plan. Margaret rapped on the back window and yelled for the driver to stop ...but he just ignored her....and the rest of us jumping up and down. Lacey started to howl. I started looking for appropriate phrases in my on-line dictionary.

We bounced and bumped along the road, it was very dusty and uncomfortable in the back of the truck but it was moving too fast for us to get out....and besides we had no idea where we were. I tried to get a fix with my GPS luck. Dusty said we needed a plan for when the truck stopped...we all agreed, however, we couldn't think of one! We did keep track of landmarks and a lookout for houses....nothing. And no other traffic on the road.

We were all wondering where on earth the truck was going when it came to a sudden stop. The driver jumped out and motioned for us to get out of the back....which we did, he didn't look like a nice friendly person and he didn't understand my Spanish phrases. Then, he pointed for Margaret to go off in one direction and the rest of us in ANOTHER!  He said 'Vamoose' to Margaret which I hurriedly looked up on my dictionary and it means 'Scram'! Margaret valiantly refused to go...the man yelled and became very threatening so we asked her to go before she got hurt. We told her in dog language that we would make every effort to find her and she said she would too. The last we saw of her she was walking away from us down a dirt track.

The nasty man prodded and kicked us ahead of him...we walked a long way...and then we saw a large area surrounded by wire was filled with DOGS! Every kind and size you can imagine.

He shoved us through the gate and locked it.

Lacey AND Tansy started to howl.....and then so did Dusty, Hurley and ME.We want our Mom's! We want Margaret! ....Oh woe is me.