me, Saturna Robbie

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

We Meet New Friends

The dogs gathered around us in a circle....slowly they crept closer and closer toward heart was pounding and I know the rest of the gang felt the same way. We sat quietly and kept very still.....the leader of the pack moved right in front of us and showed his teeth. He was a fine specimen of a variety of breeds ...big and lean and black with great white dentabone fangs.

The Leader asked us where we were from and how we had ended up in the camp. We told him about looking for Mom and DOD and being separated from Margaret. We told him our names and he told us that his was Big Black Pancho and that he had been voted leader of the dogs. We sniffed each other in greeting, at least the parts we could reach... I sort of got his ankle and Tansy his shin....and then on his signal all the dogs ran forward and started yapping and talking at the same time. Dogs all speak the same language and I didn't need my dictionary....phew!

They yelled out their names and told us where they were from and how the evil man had picked them all up in his truck and brought them to the compound. They said they did not know what was going to happen to them and that they had not had much food or water during their stay. They confided that most of them were strays and that no-one was looking for them. That made us sad for we knew that our Mom's and DOD's would do anything and everything to find us. We shared what food we had with them, although it was not nearly enough for the poor things ....and then we asked them to join us in a paw circle.

Our new friends had never ever participated in a paw circle but they were willing to try anything that would get them out of this awful jail. We got them organized, joined our paws and bowed our heads....without Margaret to lead us we did not have the same enthusiasm but Tansy did her very best to keep us in tune and Dusty and Hurley sang with gusto.....Lacey sort of sobbed her way through ceremony partly for herself and partly for the dear mom and DOD-less dogs.

We set up a mighty howl...... and I think the Angel of the great-kennel-in-the-sky heard us because there was our own dear Margaret climbing the fence ....she had come to save us!!!!!