me, Saturna Robbie

Thursday, 8 March 2012


The first thing I had to do was download an English-Spanish dictionary onto my BlackBerry, I will need to be able to communicate with people across the border. Como Esta? Me llamo Roberto. I like this being able to speak a foreign language...very cultured.

So, the plan is we hitch a ride across the border into Nogales....we don't know what we will do when we get there,  that is for another entry in my diary! In the meantime I am trying to text Mom but she is not answering.

Margaret picked the lock on my house door (that woman has had a colourful past) and we checked the cupboards and fridge for supplies ....thankfully Mom always stocks enough food for an army so we have lots of provisions and water.

Margaret left a note, just in case Mom and DOD return, telling them where we have gone. We lock the doors again and we head out into the blazing desert sunshine. We are only about thirty miles to the border (yes, they use miles in this country) which doesn't sound like a lot (I know it is more than three but I think three with a zero on the end means less than three) but we think it best to try to hitch a ride.

At least heading south we do not have to go through Homeland security, for that we are grateful.... even though Tansy would have loved another close encounter with the Studly German Shepherd she remembered  from the last time we were here! 

Margaret stood in front with her thumb out but most of the people just slowed down...stared ...and then drove on shaking their heads. Lacey started to howl. Tansy snapped at her and told her to belt up! Dusty and Hurley laid down to try to look smaller.....I practiced my Spanish. This was not looking good....we discussed walking but decided to wait another hour or so.

We set off walking down the highway...and just when we had lost all hope... a truck came by and the driver asked in Spanish where we were going and did we we want to climb in the back. At least I think that is what he said...he spoke so quickly I may have missed a few words. 

We are on our way to find Mom and DOD!