me, Saturna Robbie

Monday, 19 March 2012

The Sound of Music

We saddled up at first light....Margaret behind Wrexel..Me and Lacey behind Weezel@ ...Dusty and Tansy behind Weezel * and Hurley, just strutting his stuff, behind Femme! Let me tell you, Tansy was a might annoyed!

In no time at all we were down the mountain and out onto the highway. We enjoyed the ride so much...the wind...the roar of the was the best. Wrexel stopped and asked us which way to go....hmmm...I have no idea! After a quick discussion we decide to go south and cross the border into Mexico...The Dragons got a few looks at the border ( I told them not to breathe) but no problems. We are in Mexico!

I kept trying to get Mom on my answer.

We decide to park the bikes and check out Nogales on foot. I had heard so much about this border town but it looked okay to me. We walked around the stalls of people selling their wares. I saw the dentist where Mom got her tooth done and I made note of the cosmetic surgery places that she will soon need. There is nothing here that looks scary.  We stopped and asked the vendors if they had seen Mom and DOD. They give us blank looks....I suspect all tourists look the same to them.

We definitely need a better plan. Margaret suggested we should try to look and act like the locals. This sounded like a good idea.... So, we bought sombreros and serapes..Dusty drew on a mustache for effect, Femme donned a lace mantilla...we bought a guitar for a prop... and off we set as a traveling Mariachi Band. I downloaded Cielito Lindo, MalagueƱa, Serenata Huasteca the Mexican Hat Dance, Guantnamera and Feliz Navidad for us to sing and play.  Feliz Navidad was not a good choice in March..... how was I to know it was a Christmas song?

Anyway, we were a HIT! People showered us with pesos and yelled.. 'Otra, Otra'. I checked my dictionary and it saw that it meant 'play it again, Sam'!  Margaret was a Mexican Maria from the Sound of Music, strumming her guitar and serenading the locals. The Dragons did the Hat Dance and the Fire Dance. Dusty, Hurley, Lacey, Tansy and Me, wowed them with  Guantanamera.....I wish you could have seen and heard us!

But this was NOT helping to find Mom and DOD. I told the Gang it was time to say Auf Wiedersehen..oops wrong language...Buenos Noches and move on.

I think it is going to be difficult to get the Gang away from this street corner