me, Saturna Robbie

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Old Friends Return

After a sleepless night I made the decision to continue with our search for Mom and DOD. The dogs have a great leader in Big Black Pancho and he has a good plan to get them to freedom....  We all touched nose to nose and Tansy gave BBP a big wet kiss (Hurley snarled a bit at that but managed to restrain himself) before they headed off on the next stop on the underground dog railway. Our prayers for a safe journey go with them along with our hopes to meet again, next time on our Island. we are up a mountain with no way of getting down except our paws (and feet) and we are hungry..... I don't think we dare accept a ride again....we all agree that this looks like a good time for some magic!

I sent a text message to Wozart and Priscinda telling them of our predicament. In a flash I got a return message telling us to stay where we were and that help was on the way.  We sat down in the grass and waited.

Dusty heard it first.....a roaring,  vrrrm, vrrrm noise. The roar got louder and louder and then we saw them....The fire breathing Desert Dragons on their Harleys coming to rescue us!!! WOW! It was our old friends from our last adventure ....Wrexel, Femme La Flamme and Weezle @ and Weezle *...Were we glad to see them!
Femme had brought a batch of her famous tacos and she quickly fried them up for us with her breath. That girl sure knows how to cook.....they were soooo good.

We sat around after our feast and caught up on what we had been doing since we last met;  Femme's taco business had run into tough times with the recession as had Weezel@ and Weezel*'s welding shop. Wrexel was still  head bodyguard for Wozart but he had not seen him since Wozart married Priscinda and moved up to our Island.  From our side we told them of Chick Chick running off with the Turkey widow and our new friend Red. We brought them up-to-date on our current adventure and last but not least, we told them that Mom and DOD were missing.

As night came down and the stars came out, the Dragons lit a fire for us and Margaret led us in a sing song of All Things Bright and Beautiful, Puff the Magic Dragon (the Dragon's favourite) and Doggie in the Window. Our voices echoed around the hills and a few of our Coyote cousins joined in. Lacey started to howl (as usual), I promised her tomorrow we will find Mom and DOD.