me, Saturna Robbie

Wednesday, 21 March 2012


I got a text message from Mom just a few minutes ago...she wrote ' Dear Robbie and Lacey, DOD and I have looked everywhere for you....we will not give up until we find you'.  P.S. In case you get this message we are heading to Sasabe, Mexico.

Can you believe it? They are somewhere very close to us... all we have to do is find them. I quickly look up information on Sasabe on my BlackBerry....... It is described as a 'Drug Runner and Illegal Alien Corridor'.

I am not sure what sort of drugs are being run but Margaret said she could sure use an ibuprofen for a sore knee, Dusty needs an antihistamine and Tansy needs a band-aid, so we can use the drugs if we see a dealer . And some of us in the Gang are illegal aliens, and unlicensed to boot, and we are good guys ...hmmmm....I don't get the corridor part, I thought corridors were in buildings...but I think we should head to Sasabe anyway.

We hold a quick paw circle and the Gang vote 100%  in favour of us going to Sasabe if it means we can find Mom and DOD. They are the best Gang ever!  But first, they want to do a few more encores of La Cucaracha for the crowd.... Sigh, they are such Hams. 

Then we have to find out if the Dragons want to come with  us, if not we will have to walk or hitch and I don't think it will be a good idea to do either.  I don't know if  Dragons are illegal aliens like some of us ...but if they are, we are going to be on an 'illegal alien corridor' so it should be okay. I just hope they have drivers licenses!

Sasabe border crossing.