me, Saturna Robbie

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Adios ...Hasta la Vista

Those rude fellows kept coming towards us. We drew a line in the dust and barked and growled at them.....Margaret sneered. They moved closer...we growled louder and the hair on our backs stood up. The the gang members aimed their guns at us...YIKES!  And I don't think we have time for a paw circle....these guys are mean!

This may well be the end of our adventure. We reached for each others paws and begging and pleading...we were determined not to act like sissies. As in all times of need we started to sing a hymn.....Abide With Me seemed appropriate. We waited for the end.

Four bursts of blue flame shot out from behind us and sizzled the hands and guns of the gang members. THEY howled (what sissies) and dropped their guns.  YES! Our Wrexel, Weezle@, Weezle * and Femme la Flamme kept firing red hot flames at them until the bad guys turned and ran and then the dragons toasted their butts!  We laughed and laughed. The last we saw of them they had jumped into a truck and were heading into the hills puffs of smoke still coming out of the windows. 

We all sat down together, re-hashed our narrow escape and thanked our dear friends for saving us yet again.  Hurley pricked up his ears as we were talking and said 'someone is calling Hola'. Sure enough it was the Muchacho who had talked to us earlier. He said he was sorry for telling the drug gang about us.... it was all because of  poor translation (I took exception to that as I have a very good app) but that he now had good news for us.....He knew where to find Mom and DOD!  Dare we believe him???

We held a quick paw circle and made the decision that it was worth the risk. So we followed Pablo (he told us that was his name) to a little Cantina not far down the road. IT WAS MOM AND DOD!!!  It WAS MOM AND DOD!  Lacey went mad.....I am more mature but I was acting like a wild puppy. Dusty, Hurley, Margaret and Tansy all rushed to hug them......Mom and DOD were crying and laughing. Such happiness.

So...We said introduced Mom and DOD to our dragon friends....they were so happy to meet them and hugged them (very cautiously) and thanked them for saving us. Then it was our turn to hug our dragon friends and say goodbye. We were sad to leave them but I know we will meet again. 

We all piled into our car and we headed back to Tubac for a few days and some good food. When we have caught up on all of our travels and shared our adventures we will head home. But first we will take Dusty and Hurley to Scribe and Pop and we may stay there and visit for a while.

This has been a great adventure....I can't wait for the next one to begin. Bye for now.