me, Saturna Robbie

Friday, 23 March 2012


The dragons take a vote and decide to accompany us to Sasabe. Phew!  That makes me feel a lot safer...even though I am a mature and bi-lingual dog it can get pretty scary in  a foreign country.

We saddle up in our usual formation and head south to the border.

Crossing the border is a non-event... there is not one guard or security person checking incoming people on  the Mexican side. We just ride in without incident creating dust devils and sending pigs and chickens running everywhere. This is going to be easy!

Then we start to wonder where all the towns people have got to....I call 'Hola'. Margaret yells 'Buenos Dias'...No answer. We think we may have hit another ghost town....!! Then a Muchacho sneaks out of the shadows and heads towards us. He looks at the dragons and then he looks at Margaret and back to us dogs and asks what we want (I translate for the Gang) in Sasabe. We tell him we are looking for Mom and DOD and that we need a few drugs to help us along the way.  He wants to know if Mom and DOD use drugs too? I tell him that Mom takes those 'stay young forever' pills that she gets on the internet and DOD doesn't take anything. He responds ' momento. Wow....our search may be over.

We sit on the Harleys in the hot sun and wait......the dragons play I spy... and in the background  I hear High Noon playing on an ipod....

Here come the drug guys! They do look a little  rough ....but ...

Margaret asks them if they speak English. The guy with the rifle grunts (we think it means 'yes') then she asks him if he has any Ibuprofen and antihistamines. He answers with words that do not come up in my dictionary Dusty asks...'how about a band-aid'....and Tansy says she could use some eye drops.  They point their guns at us.......! Margaret demands to know if they belong to the Chamber of Commerce.

Lacey starts to howl.

To be continued.....


  1. DUSTY: This is scary, Robbie! I'm glad you're the Leader of the Gang! HURLEY: *stands behind Lacey, attempts to howl, unsuccessfully*

  2. BOL! Hurley howling like Lacey is a 'Howler'!