me, Saturna Robbie

Tuesday, 6 March 2012


I finally got my BlackBerry working again and what did I see?  I saw a strange text message from Mom saying 'We will find you Dear Robbie and Lacey, no matter what... Trust us..we will cross the Border...WE are not afraid of Drug Gangs!'.  Yikes! I think my BlackBerry has been hacked by criminals .....and now Mom and DOD have headed across the border into Mexico looking for us.

One part of me is very worried for them ...the other part is happy that they have not abandoned us! I could not cope with having Humans who did not care enough. So, we have to head across the border and try to find them before they get themselves into trouble.

They have a two day head-start on us...of course they do not have our a matter of fact I am not sure they have any powers at all! So we should be able to find them PDQ. What we don't know is who lured them away? Why did who-ever-it-was send a message that Hurley's Angels were in some sort of trouble across the border?  What do they want with Mom and DOD?

We will head out at first light....but first, even before that, we have a paw circle and say a prayer. Margaret, Tansy, Dusty, Hurley, Me and Tansy bow our heads and pray for guidance and strength....this may get dangerous.


  1. So we are off to rescue the rescuers, and so we should , little white whiskers but this is getting very complicated and Tansy is worried because I don"t speak Spanish. So Robbie I reminded her that we had special {magic? ] powers. It is all a great mystery and I thought something like this had to have happened to make Mom and DOD leave without you and Lacey. So what next ? Tansy and I await orders, with some apprehension, Tansy says " That means we are scared Robbie.."

  2. We are often scared...I think when you are not scared you have to be daft! But, even when we are scared we keep going ...sort of like looking under the bed when you are afraid a monster is lurking and not quite knowing what you will do if one actually lives there!

  3. DUSTY: I'm glad we have those Paw Circles... HURLEY: Don't know how we'd ever get by without them.

  4. I like them too...they give us strength to carry on.