me, Saturna Robbie

Monday, 5 March 2012


I have to admit that this switching back and forth between time-zones is very unsettling....I think we  need a break from all this drama, don't you agree? Tansy made the point she doesn't ever know what is fashionable to wear when she starts off in the morning...

We have a paw circle and agree we should head back to Tubac and that we will ask the Spirit Dancers to help us before they leave. They are always so good to us, as usual, they said 'yes'. The Dancers formed a circle and Margaret started the know the drill by now.

And there we were pulling alongside the Santa Cruz river from where we started off a couple of hundred years ago. Lacey was jumping up and down with happiness and she leaped off the train before it slowed right down. She rolled down the track for a bit but otherwise she was okay.

We all jumped off and ran through the Cottonwood trees...across the field...and down the path to my house.  I just couldn't wait to see Mom's face when she opened the door and saw the whole Gang back safe and sound. We rushed through the gate and barked and yipped and knocked at the door.  No one answered.  We peered through the glass patio doors....Nope, not there. Margaret tried the doors (we are all too short to reach the knobs) all locked. ....Hmmm.....they must have gone out for a while. We will have to sit and wait for them to come home. We did wait ...and wait ......and wait. It started to get dark....Lacey started to cry.

Our next-door neighbour walked by, saw us all looking sad and dejected,and said, ' Your Mom and DOD packed up and left two days ago, we thought you had gone with them'!!  OMG, they have left us! How could they! Hurley said we should phone the SPCA and report them for abandoning us (maybe not, Me and Lacey do not have licenses we might end up in dog prison)  Lacey started to Howl.

I was worried sick....I mean how are they going to find their way home without me to navigate? Can you imagine DOD relying on Mom all the way from Tubac to Saturna???

The neighbours took pity on us and invited Margaret in for dinner....Dewey their dog was not happy about it 'cos he had to share his food with Me and Lacey, Dusty, Hurley and Tansy but we ignored his impolite behaviour (he didn't exactly OFFER his food but that is still no reason to behave like he did) ...They will let us bed down at their house for the night.

I do seem to get us into some awful messes....